Sabrina: Tajemství mladé čarodejnice (8)

Disney Chanel, 13.03.2018, 26:45

In order to break up Sabrina and Jessie’s friendship, Enchantra magicks two “fighting sprites” into a pair of friendship bracelets, and when Jessie and Sabrina wear them (and are near one another) they argue and fight. Sabrina, being half-witch, is able to resist her own sprite’s power, but Jessie’s sprite causes her to get angrier and angrier (and more powerful, giving Jessie magic, and the power of flight). Eventually, Sabrina takes Jessie into Witch World, where Sabrina is able to use all of her powers to defeat the sprite and free Jessie from its influence.  

Originálny názov: Sabrina Secrets of a teenage witch (8)