Priest\'s Children

Film Europe Channel CZ, 19.09.2023, 22:00

Convinced that he is behaving in a righteous manner, because „even the Pope is against the use of condoms“ , don Fabijan, a Catholic priest in a small town on a Dalmatian island, starts puncturing condoms which the god-fearing newsstand salesman Peter then sells on his kiosk. Don Fabijan and Peter are soon joined by Marin, a local pharmacist, who starts secretly planting vitamin pills instead of contraceptives in his pharmacy. Thus, controlling the sexual lives of men and women , they practically abolish contraception on the island. As the unwanted pregnancies start occuring, don Fabijan does all he can to marry such couples in a proper Christian way, even against their will. But soon, the trios action starts influencing the lives of local people who stop being the masters of their own faith.